“At Ahmed Raji & Co”

we remain steadfast in our commitment to public services, and this sensitivity to the
pulse of our communities is reflected in the firm’s extensive
and worthy works, including rendering of legal services pro-bono.


As businesses continue to globalize, they need a law firm that can handle complex matters unfolding at breakneck speed and involving several practice specialties. Ahmed Raji & Co’s Litigation & Trial Practice meets that challenge.

Criminal Law

At Ahmed Raji & Co., we view every criminal case as a challenge to the rights of individuals granted under the Nigerian Constitution. We have the expertise, experience, and understanding of the law to secure the most favorable result possible for our clients.

Real Property

Our clients choose us because they know we understand their objectives and offer them the innovation, experience, technical expertise, clarity of advice and commitment to get their deals done efficiently and effectively.


We routinely use arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as pragmatic ways to meet our clients’ needs.

Banking & Corporate Finance

From single-lender corporate loans to heavily structured syndicated transactions, we offer premier, tailored advice to clients around the globe.

Election Matters

Our Election Law attorneys counsel clients on the laws and rules pertaining to lobbying, political contributions, political action committees, officeholder ethics, the use of corporate resources for political purposes, and corporate guidelines on election issues.

Administrative & Constitutional Matter

We provide advice and representation on administrative law matters to statutory decision-makers, petitioners, respondents, and interveners on judicial review proceedings. We also provide advice on constitutional issues (Charter and division of powers) and representation in constitutional litigation at all levels of court.

Intellectual Property

When intellectual property is one of your primary assets, you need attorneys who understand how to blend legal and business strategies in your best interests, You also need attorneys with a fierce command of litigation when your IP assets are being challenged.

Environmental Law

Our global climate change and environment practice offers expert advice and guidance on this challenging practice applied at legal and business levels.


The Tax Practice Group at Ahmed Raji & Co consists of well-seasoned tax attorneys who work closely with individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, accountants, and financial advisors to provide creative, innovative, and tax-efficient solutions.

Maritime & Admiralty

Maritime and admiralty laws are different than typical liability laws and employment laws. While some aspects are similar, they can vary in ways that average employment law or injury attorneys simply aren’t prepared for. That is why you want to hire a lawyer that is well-versed in these law, with ARC you have nothing to worry as we have lawyers that specialize in all law practice areas.

Family Law

We have Lawyers who are specialists in Family Law. We provide an affordable, friendly and expert source of advice. If you require support and assistance on any legal process in any area of family law, we can help.


We provides telecommunications advice regarding regulation, transactions, and disputes in a variety of sectors, including wireline and broadband, wireless, satellite, and Internet and e-commerce, as well as information technology.

Mediation & Conciliation

We offers clients in disputes several options. They can file a lawsuit in court (litigation), or pursue alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method such as arbitration, mediation or conciliation.

Energy & Natural Resources

We understand the legal, regulatory, and economic challenges of establishing and operating a successful energy or natural resources enterprise in Nigeria.

Human Rights

Our human rights attorneys have fought for, and continue to fight for victims of:
Human enslavement/Human trafficking,
Wrongful imprisonment,
Wrongful death

Employment & Labour Law

Our Employment & Labour Law Group provides legal advice and representation to clients in both unionized and non-unionized work environments in all aspects of labour relations and employment law matters. We provide our clients with practical and effective services in a wide array of employment and labour topics.

Debt Recovery

Our team specialises in recovering commercial debts, pursuing unpaid fines, recovering sums obtained by fraud and resolving cases where fees are disputed.


Our team regularly counsels clients on legal issues that are specific to the aviation industry, including: aircraft accident investigations and litigation. aircraft financing and leasing. aviation regulation. aviation policy. business aviation. commercial litigation

Capital Market

We represent entities that issue securities to raise capital, security holders seeking to sell their securities, or banks and investment banks that underwrite and sell such securities.

Investigation & Compliance Practice

Managing risk is a top priority for global businesses. With our internationally recognized lawyers and our long-standing presence in the highest-risk jurisdictions, our Global Compliance & Investigations Group is there to advise clients on how best to mitigate risk and conduct business ethically without sacrificing profitability.

Corporate & Commercial 

Ahmed Raji & Co. Lawyers have vast experience in corporate and commercial law practice. In this area:- We represent clients in negotiation, preparation, drafting and review of general and assorted commercial agreements relating to provision of goods and services, licensing, distribution, joint ventures, agency, et cetera.

Project Finance

Ahmed Raji & Co. Lawyers handles some of the largest and most complex developments and financings in the world for clients who demand the highest level of technical and industry knowledge.

Corporate Governance And Compliance

An ever-changing area, we help companies minimize operational and regulatory risks and provide them with on-going, up-to-the-minute advice. Across all of our offices we help our clients navigate the maze of legislation and best practice codes relevant to corporate governance and corporate responsibility.